1. Its time for all real Americans to leave California take your businesses your family's your money and move to a state that still believes in freedom and America

  2. This is Satan’s time to shine. Newsom and the rest of the Democrats are getting exactly what they want. In the end they’ll all burn. Praise Jesus! Turn to Him now before it’s too late. Jesus is coming for His bride very very soon. Don’t be left behind. Praying for the lost 🙏🏼✝️💯

  3. The Dominion software is the reason why the SOB is leading… there is no integrity in any election…. they've been exploiting and using Californians for years with the help of Dominion….sickening. 👿👿👿… how do you explain Brown winning 3 times, maxine waters, dianne feinstein,pelosi and pencil-neck Schiff being in office..⁉️⁉️

  4. Elder supporters want to murder another 40,000 Californians by lifting the few restrictions remaining. That's INSANE! Republicans have a DEATH WISH!

  5. This is my own polling before it's closed 67% of californians said yes to recall orange newsome and 58% of californians said no on the recall California needs a voice tonight! I want newsome to be RECALLED tonight!

  6. He has done nothing but idnore the forset
    Cause untold loss of life and property.
    He has done nothing to get water to California.
    Arizona's lake are full, not California.
    He want all electric cars.
    But our grid is streatched thin
    With rolling black outs in 100°
    His kids went to school,
    But the peasant did not.
    The list is endless.

  7. IM MAD AS H*LL AND NOT GOING TAKE THIS NO MORE!!!! F*ck this guy gavin newsom is a fraud who wines and dines with big pharma and just got $3 million in bribery cough lobbying money from Reed Hastings (AKA Netflix's CEO) aka a main beneficiary of this pandemic lockdowns/ and remote forced world. PPE loan fraud for his wineries, cheated with his friend wife a sign of his character, french luandry, a liar who said medical care but then switched to useless identity politics that does not relieve my medical debt from pandemic medical charges and then this j*ck a*ss has the nerve to keep quite on EDD phone line down for months/and fraud workers news popping up this week. And oh the Rose Mcgowan potentially exposing gavins family for trying to keep harvey weinstein the rapist case from being exposed. Why don't you go ask my neighbor who died with no food while sleeping in her car unable to get gas with unemployment EDD site never working or phone lines, and being laid off from the pandemic while his buddies and close ties get huge $10 Trillion bailouts.

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