Brazen shoplifting video in San Francisco becomes issue in California recall

The latest video of retail crime at a San Francisco drug store coincides with an appearance of a Republican candidate for governor in the city for a press event where he knocked Gov. Newsom for being soft on crime.

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  1. Being poor is no excuse, having low education too. The thing is off you do rob ford that's ok, it's good reason. But you rob things to sell them to get money, it's another issue.

  2. Who turned off the lights? Maybe my phone is broken because I saw everything black 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  3. Oh God, what's the world coming too… all these white nationalists shoplifting everywhere… or am I daltonic???

  4. What? Do you think this is isolated to San Francisco? It is all over California. All the clerks can do is to complain and bitch. I see it everyday.

  5. All drug stores need to leave democrat run cities. Every store needs to leave every democrat run cities. Open them only in republican run cities.

    If someone wants a law that makes sense try this.
    When shoplifters, porch pirates, petty thieves and others are caught they must:
    1. Return the items or money when possible and then, in addition, repay the victim DOUBLE the value of the item. (You steal $20 item, the owner gets it back so he/she can still sell it PLUS $40)
    2. If the merchandise cannot be returned due to damage or loss or cannot be resold, the thief pays TRIPLE the cost.
    3. In addition to reparations there are fines, court costs, probation, and especially HOUSE ARREST. (Try stealing when you can't leave the house) And maybe a year on the SHOPLIFTER LIST. (Like a sex offender registry)
    4. Repeat offenders face harsher sentences and maybe jail time.
    This way victims are reimbursed, criminals spend no time in prison which reduces the burden on tax payers and overpopulated prisons, and it might be a better deterrent. Get creative lawmakers.

  7. BLM be quiet as hell when they need to be speaking….. go protest the damn gangs. The thieves…. but noooo. We gonna protest the police and be quiet when we are the problem……. I’m looking for a new race to join…. perhaps I’ll just be a dark skinned Indian. I’m no longer a part of this crap.

  8. Maybe give all the evil people loads of money and see if crime drops…or if they blow it all on drugs and just go back to what they do best.

  9. black lives matter! this is the people trying to send a message and they will continue doing this until they are heard. you've been warned.

  10. Governor Newsom is a Corrupt Woke person. Only mass arrests will stop this crime. And let's face it, the videos show who the perpetrators are.

  11. I read the other day that a spokesman for the San Francisco AG blamed videos of crime going viral for the impression that things had got worse.

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