Biden tours the West before California rally for Governor Newsom

President Biden made his first visit to the West Coast on Monday since taking office. He’s scheduled to campaign on behalf of California Governor Gavin Newsom in Long Beach ahead of Tuesday’s governor recall election. CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes, USA Today White House correspondent Courtney Subramanian, and Politico congressional reporter Nicholas Wu join CBSN’s “Red & Blue” anchor Elaine Quijano with the details, plus the latest on the Afghanistan hearings and the battle in Congress over government spending.

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  1. Best thing to do is to stop countries that are polluting the world, without checking out for environment first, we as Americans try to do the best to do business without pollution. So stop trying to stop us for having businesses and reward other countries like China that they really don’t care about the environment and they are destroying it and this comesWorldwide

  2. We need leaders like Gaven Newson who shut down all small businesses EXCEPT his winery! We need leaders like Gavin Newsom who close all restaurants and demand everybody wear masks and social distance then goes to a restaurant without a mask, doesn't social distance and racks up a $15,000 bill of tax payer money! We need leaders like Gavin Newsom who close all California schools but sends his kid to an in person private school!

  3. Yes Biden has brushed off a lot of questions. I'm from California and this is to extreme. The Democrats have pushed their agenda and politics of human lives and their livelihoods. Wake up people! They are stripping us Americans

  4. There are multiple crisis situations going on in our country and this joke of a president and vice president think speaking for Newsome is necessary? Complete crap! Newsome hasn't done anything to help the state! Highest homelessness and highest taxes. High crime rates. High amounts of people fleeing the state. Fires have gotten worse and worse every year. Droughts have gotten worse. Money wasted on some train instead of something useful like a desalination plant. It's time that California had someone who actually cares to address the problems, instead of making money off of the suffering of other people like Newsome have been doing for years! BTW it isn't a republican recall. It's a recall against an incompetent governor that Californians are tired of.

  5. Biden/Newsom, STOP jetting around if youre serious about global warming!!! And talk to your boss in China about pollution.
    Mr. Newsom Lockdown-Vax Mandates-$5 Gas-Out-of-Control Inflation-Vaxing little kids-MASSIVE HOMELESS-$5 Trillion increase Spending to pass to kids/grandkids- Destroyed neighborhood businesses. MORE-OF-THE-SAME!!

  6. Biden is not someone I would want….he looks at his watch as fallen heroes pass him….he is a very poor president, the usual unfeeling fake political person that sums up politics… keep checking his watch for bedtime.

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