Authentic KERALA FOOD in CULVER CITY with @Rockstar Eater – Los Angeles, California


During my trip to California in December of 2021, I linked up with a good friend to teach him all about the wonders of Malabar cuisine from Kerala! Join me as I eat authentic Kerala food in Culver City with the Rockstar Eater himself, Steve Cha!

We’d be dining at Mayura Indian Restaurant in Culver City. It’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, and they specialize in South Indian food from Kerala! They’re an award-winning restaurant!


I couldn’t wait to have some traditional Southern Indian breakfast items like dosas, idli, and vada, as well as Kerala specialties like beef, parottas, and lots of coconut-rich dishes! Inside, it felt like a minimalistic Kerala-style diner.

We met with Padmini, who took us into the kitchen, where Anil and the cooks were cooking. They were making vada, beef, tandoori chicken, paper dosas, masala dosas, and spinach dosas!

At our table, we had a paper dosa with coconut, tomato, and mint chutneys, as well as sambar. The spinach and masala dosas looked great, and we also had chai! The chai was piping hot and full of cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.

The paper dosa was incredible with the coconut chutney. I also liked the tomato! It had a bit of spice to it. The sambar was also exceptional, like a light tomato and vegetable soup.

The masala dosa with aloo and coconut chutney was so incredible. The potatoes were comforting and the masala had a slight kick. The tomato chutney added a little bit of spice, too.

Next was the spinach dosa, which was very tasty with the mint-cilantro chutney. It was a little doughier than the other two dosas. Then, we had the savory and crispy vada with the sweet and creamy coconut chutney. I loved it!

Then, we had the idli, which is a steamed rice cake. It’s spongy, so it absorbs whatever you dip it into.

After cleansing out palates with some chai, we went back into the kitchen to watch them prepare the Kerala portion of our feast: beef fry, porottas, tandoori chicken, appam, fish curry, Chettinad chicken, and avial.

The beef fry was a little spicy and had a hint of coconut and curry leaves. It went very well with the porotta, Then, we went with the appam and fish curry. The salmon was amazing, and the spongy appam was like a cross between a dosa and an idli.

Next, we dove into the Chettinad chicken! I loved how dense and rich it was. Then, we went with the avial, which is a rich and flavorful vegetable curry. Then, they brought us a Malabar dum biryani with chicken and eggs. It came with papadum and raita.

Adding the raita made the biryani creamy and helps the rice stick together. It’s so fragrant! Breaking up the egg and mixing it in with the pickles adds a new layer of flavors and textures. It changes the flavor profile.

Finally, we finished with Madras Payasam, a rice pudding with nuts and raisins. It’s full of cardamom flavor. It’s also sweet and serves as a palate cleanser!

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