America Unearthed: Ancient Ruins Discovered in California (S3, E7) | Full Episode | History

Just east of the San Francisco Bay Area are the Berkeley Hills Walls–remnants of a massive, stone wall that stretches a distance of over fifty miles, in Season 3, Episode 7, “Marco Polo Discovers America.” #AmericaUnearthed
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In “America Unearthed,” host Scott Wolter uses hard science and intuitive theories to explain the most mysterious artifacts and sites in America.

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  1. The Vikings beat the Chinese!
    There are walls like this all over New England. Vikings were here in the 1300s
    Sorry! Im not buying the China-centric view!

  2. The Great Wall in China shown, was rebuilt from original materials. It was done for tourism. Most of the wall has tumbled down.

  3. A Ming shipwreck found off of the North American coast would definitively prove this theory. Ming pottery does not decay in the ocean.

  4. The map of China shows the Ming fleet leaving from Beijing. The fleet actually left from Nanjing, the capitol of China, which is located up river from Shanghai. History Channel can't even write a map correctly.

  5. Every California school kid knows that the walls were built using Chinese labor in the gold rush era and they are everywhere in the state.

  6. This dude never solves anything. After watching for 45 minutes you still don't know anything! (copy) History Channel sucks!

  7. You clicked baited with me making me think of The City of Gold, but then preach your communist dribble instead. I am never watching one of your videos ever again. And to think, I used to buy into your magazines as the most coolest thing to get in the mail. I am so mad, words cannot express how betrayed I feel. Never again, you lost my trust.

  8. I think they were made when the king of Spain expanded into northern America. They were probably forming rock barriers to protect themselves from Indians and the US carveries.

  9. There are called range walls and they are somewhat common in the American Southwest. They are associated with ranching and in California can date as early as the 1830s.

  10. was any of the land near the wall farmed? Clearing rocks from land to farm wound up being stacked into Rock walls and even used in foundations, chimneys and building homes.

  11. this wall in CLIFORNIA could be one owners wall after he or she made the walls to show what they controlled back in the day, like here in Hawaii.

  12. Like in Hawaii, rock walls section off old land grants from over 200 years ago. They go for miles, some under high grass, grown over after years of no attention.

  13. Why would sea farers not just follow the Asiatic coast north. Eventually they could follow the Aleutian islands, which were down by the Aleuts, to what is now Alaska. Seems ridiculous that this never happened. AS to Columbus, he knew about the Americas. He must have otherwise he would not have taken the route he did.

  14. I love this guy, but at the same time he strikes me as the history channel's version of Tucker Carlson. Always raising a crazy question making us doubt history, but then never giving us the answer.

  15. Okay, so white folks, again, misinterpreting history, because they REFUSE to accept the FACT that AMERICA has an INDIGENOUS population that built high civilizations and cultures without any OUTSIDE influence, and that AMERICANS went out into the world not the other way around, as the gradual evolution of civilization and cultures show. They need to stop telling other people's history. This is why racism exists, and so many folks are loss of who they are, including those who today call themselves, though erroneously, JEWS and WHITE.

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