Alpine Descents || Northern California

The series that started everything for this channel is back! Had a blast traveling through Northern California with great friends and skating the best roads the region has to offer. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video :).

0:00 Intro
1:35 Chapter 1: Is it broken?
3:32 Chapter 2: (Full) Senders
5:29 Chapter 3: Mount Shasta
7:57 Chapter 4: Morning Coffee
10:20 If you watch one chapter, make it this one

Huge thanks to Fast for making this video possible.

Everyone involved:
Josh Neuman @joshneuman
Owen Fox
Adrien Paynel @sdfrenchy
Josh Newman @jjeersh
Ethan Ledger @_skethan
Morgan Owens _@morganowens_ncmb
Chet Bolstridge @chetabomb_ncmb

Huge thank you to everyone who helped spot, film, and make this trip all that it was.
Also a major thank you to the Owens Family for their hospitality!

Spread Your Love – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Safari Song – Greta Van Fleet
Try Me out Sometime – BRONCHO
High – Sir Sly
Anemone – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Busy Earnin’ – Jungle


  1. your boy got hella lucky that tree limb broke his fall and he didn't tumble all the way down, looks steep. I also think he was lucky he didn't hit the metal thing he flew past off the road.

  2. I have a longboard and I don't know If I should buy slide gloves to enter the longboarding like for real,I don't know If it's worthy to buy it because I am not sure I would be that brave to go faster than 27km per hour.what should I do.
    PS:I am 14

  3. I'm watching the video well. I applaud you for your wonderful and hard-working video. Oh, right! And this is an opinion, but if you mark the speed of the current skateboard on the screen, it will feel more real.

  4. Обалденно красиво. Я испытывала невероятное чувство восторга от пейзажей и динамики видео, музыки. Всё вместе просто потрясающе и невероятно!

  5. Pfiouttt…..
    (have fun but be prudent

    and try Abra+ 70-30 Metaflux, on bearings (but add some each run)
    thats teflon oil for grinders disk
    (excuse my poor english)
    ultra thin oil, and cleaner so no dust…

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