Alpine Descents || Northern California

The series that started everything for this channel is back! Had a blast traveling through Northern California with great friends and skating the best roads the region has to offer. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video :).

0:00 Intro
1:35 Chapter 1: Is it broken?
3:32 Chapter 2: (Full) Senders
5:29 Chapter 3: Mount Shasta
7:57 Chapter 4: Morning Coffee
10:20 If you watch one chapter, make it this one

Huge thanks to Fast for making this video possible.

Everyone involved:
Josh Neuman @joshneuman
Owen Fox
Adrien Paynel @sdfrenchy
Josh Newman @jjeersh
Ethan Ledger @_skethan
Morgan Owens _@morganowens_ncmb
Chet Bolstridge @chetabomb_ncmb

Huge thank you to everyone who helped spot, film, and make this trip all that it was.
Also a major thank you to the Owens Family for their hospitality!

Spread Your Love – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Safari Song – Greta Van Fleet
Try Me out Sometime – BRONCHO
High – Sir Sly
Anemone – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Busy Earnin’ – Jungle


  1. 3:00 never got to someone help like that. Never walk on loose rocks if someone else is present right below. It's doing more harm than good.

  2. your boy got hella lucky that tree limb broke his fall and he didn't tumble all the way down, looks steep. I also think he was lucky he didn't hit the metal thing he flew past off the road.

  3. I have a longboard and I don't know If I should buy slide gloves to enter the longboarding like for real,I don't know If it's worthy to buy it because I am not sure I would be that brave to go faster than 27km per hour.what should I do.
    PS:I am 14

  4. I'm watching the video well. I applaud you for your wonderful and hard-working video. Oh, right! And this is an opinion, but if you mark the speed of the current skateboard on the screen, it will feel more real.

  5. Обалденно красиво. Я испытывала невероятное чувство восторга от пейзажей и динамики видео, музыки. Всё вместе просто потрясающе и невероятно!

  6. Pfiouttt…..
    (have fun but be prudent

    and try Abra+ 70-30 Metaflux, on bearings (but add some each run)
    thats teflon oil for grinders disk
    (excuse my poor english)
    ultra thin oil, and cleaner so no dust…

  7. Great video, I've never ridden one. How do you put it sideways to slow down but are still able to stay on and also pull it back? Looks heluva difficult..

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