1. do you know that although he sings about California, Albert (and his co writer Mike) wrote this in London in c. 1969, about his early years in Spain

  2. A number one hit in Japan 1972.
    Musical candidate for one of the ten best songs from the nineteen seventies. Everything about it is instrumental lyrical and vocal perfection.
    So strange how this very sad song is able to radiate so much shimmering happiness.

  3. Dear Timothy I really love you and I miss you so much daily prayers for Timothy eric bell we all love you want you to come back home. Love you mom and dad and sister for ever in our hearts.

  4. A great song, typical of its time. I had never seen Albert Hammond before and I find him very cute; he has a good face. I'm in love with this young Albert Hammond!

  5. Albert Hammond – he is a nice guy on stage and in real life. After a concert in Munich in 2013, he autographed dozens of records the audience asked him to sign. Including mine. A woman brought a postcard he had sent her to communist Germany when she was a girl. The postcard FROM ALBERT HAMMOND HIMSELF!!! had made her a star among her peers.

  6. Today saw someone covering this song, I liked it and asked him what was the name of the song. He told me the name. I practice with my guitar everyday so I looked here on YT for a cover to see the chords, and saw the song was by Albert Hammond. I thought "that names looks familiar" after a few seconds I realized it was the same name as one of the Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr. I said "this looks suspicious". Did a search online and realize Albert Hammond is the father of Albert Hammond Jr, who is a member of the Strokes hahaha. Crazy

  7. Heard this along time ago ,, still as appropriate as back then,,,,seem I've often heard that kinda talk before,,(still hearing it),,,wore out the cassette tape listening to him,,,he sang the truth,,

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