Actress Anne Heche rescued from California crash scene

The driver who crashed into a Mar Vista home, sparking a fire, has been identified as actress Anne Heche. CREDIT: FOX 11 LOS ANGELES

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  1. Why no backboard, neck brace, or oxygen mask? She was in a violent fiery car crash, and it took about 45 min to put out the fire and extricate her from the car. How did she emerge with no burns, intact clothing, and a full head of hair? Also official cause of death was lack of oxygen to the brain, but she was at first in “stable” condition and expected to recover. Nothing is adding up. Not to mention the screeching brakes while speeding down residential streets at 100 mph

  2. Smoke inhalation and burns? 🤨That’s how they say she died. Does smoke inhalation affect you hours later? Like you go into a coma hours after inhaling smoke? I’m so confused. She seems very very alive

  3. It's strange that she was wrapped and strapped. Firemen fight fires not wrap, strap and load. No EMT's near Anne. When she sat up the fireman coldly pushed her arm down. It does look questionable. Just picture your loved one on that gurney. It's bizarre that no EMT's were there.

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  5. This is so wrong..she looked completely fine and they were being so odd. They killed her for sure…she looked confused and terrified, they didn't exspect her to get out of the body bag and she was trying to get herself out..

  6. Why is she continuously being referred to as he and why is the fire staff attending to her and one of them on the right side box around to see if anybody noticed her pop up and try and get out instead of attending to her

  7. No.son teorías, la mataron por evidenciar la trata de menores para consumo de.los malditos pedófilos, satánicos en el poder, los medios cómplices qiieren desviar la verdad, hasta cuando cerraran los ojos ante la tortura, violación de los niños? Que Dios los azote con toda su ira

  8. I noticed these creeps removed videos showing an UNBURNED, NON-MORTALLY WOUNDED ANNE HECHE, trying to get up out of the gurney.

    Now, they are calling her…..a him. 🙄🙄

    What, do these people think us stipid??

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