A Supermarket Clerk In California Says “It Hurts A lot” To Fill Up His Tank

A supermarket clerk in California said “it hurts a lot” to fill up his tank, during a segment on KTTV (Fox) (Los Angeles, California) on 3/2/22. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video.

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  1. STOP California from voting in liberal progressive evil corrupt dangerous destructive DEMOCRATS. WAKE UP California!!!!!! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  2. Maybe he needs to learn how not to spend ton of food to eat to gain more weight instead of complaining how the gas price went crazy. Save, not spend so much money on food, spend on gas wisely, and drive wisely, easy.

  3. Oh, california…gas prices? I thought that what really matters is trans rights, and gun laws and sanctuary cities! Gas prices? just get your eco friendly electric car that libtards keep talking about. If you voted demtard, don't see why people complaining about gas prices.

  4. This is what Demokrats have done, hurt the working people …Remember these gas prices when you vote…!

  5. You drive 60 miles for a supermarket job? Turn some wrenchs brother, your working a kids job and probably getting paid like one.

  6. The Democrats and DEMENTIA JOE are saying "if he had a electric car he would not be complaining " 😉😉🧐

  7. Apparently the elite have forgotten how they got to their position. Its time to make it a bit uncomfortable where they are. Dont give themn the service they think they are entitled to until they wake up. No front door delivery service and no limos to their meetings. That might wake them the hell up. No gas no way to do it.

  8. Just about everything hurts … insane. East coast, I’m paying $4 for home heating oil.
    250 gallon tank … you do the math. Crazy and they don’t care.

  9. you get EXACTLY what you vote for. The Democrats want to destroy Big oil before there is any infrastructure to replace it.

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