7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in California Leaves Big Cracks on the Ground

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in California Leaves Big Cracks on the Ground


  1. They are going to say it's due to happen…. truth is underground nuclear explosions are playing a great role in your quake problem. And Florida is going to be experiencing sinkholes soon.👍 But they will say erosion is the problem. Volcanic eruptions are from underground nuclear explosions to. But they will say we've been expecting it for years now 🙄 believe what you hear. Or believe the truth. It's up to you

  2. This was not a natural earthquake,it was a Deep underground base that was blown up,by our military .these earthquakes have been occurring all over our country,and the world !

  3. Gods warnings come slowly at first. Then, like a woman in labor the pains get more intense & faster in sequence. Entire planets groaning now. Get right w God ASAP because tomorrow might be too late. God will NOT be mocked & this country has turned into a sewer. We abandoned God & now theres HELL to pay. No accident the God hating demonazies are in control & destroying this country. REPENT & RETURN TO CHRIST OR PERISH! Simple as that. Turn or burn…….

  4. It would be a shame if the democrat destroyed state was to separate from the mainland and become its own island. Them all the leftist idiot Democrats could migrate there for their own utopia of crime, murder, rape, drugs, and homelessness. You go Democrats. Nobody can f*ck up a state the way Democrats can. I mean nobody. They are driven to destroy like nothing ever seen before.

  5. Cali needs the hardened steel cable grid underneath the roads to keep the roads from cracking up. Usually cement is used with the cables. Less heat from the cement and tougher roads.

  6. You never know when and where quakes will happen. They have warned of the “big one” in CA for at least the last 60 years. Maybe a lot of little quakes can take some of the power out of it?? 😬😬😬

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