5 Reasons No One Should Live In California

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You’ve heard me talk about the problems that everyone in California is facing, but I want to tell you about the personal issues I deal with every day. I was born in Los Angeles – Burbank, to be exact – and I’ve lived here all my life. It pains me to have to leave my beautiful state, but this place has become uninhabitable. Here are some of my personal stories about my experience dealing with these problems, and why I can’t stay here anymore.

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  1. The take away. Move to Texas or Florida.

    It's a "pick yoru poison" scenario.
    Texans are openly hostile to what's percieved as moral ignorance.
    Florida has Florida man, Hurricanes, and Ron Desantis.

    Just depends on how you feel about that, for me….both states are awesome. Judgemental Texas, and rabbid Floridians, love em both.

  2. Well…im getting, for a personal research, some info and opinion of every famous places in the world from competent people view. Far as I investigate every place is over its own capacity for: work places/jobs, security and health system.
    The only solution for comunities to grow is to get one especific currency along a lot of friendly and responsable countries, like Euro, and estabilize values from resources and salary no matter what market prices flows says and expand the production of basic resources by poor and homeless people who felt out the system to impulse rural machinery production and fiscal land being used as a second life oportunity to stand back and fulfill basic needs to the point those resources are stupidly cheap and common to everybody that efforts become less and common. Not comunism. Just smart and estrategical inner passive social migration to develop basic social resources and needs. There is an over population of needs, if you cover them you get a society using one of the psicological fundamental reason for the social being and its own existance for living: work.

  3. Hey, Ben……Come on to Texas! One of the best places in Texas is…..wait for it….Allen, Texas….north of the Dallas/Plano area….and NO state income taxes in Texas and a year or so ago Texas voters voted to never have a state income tax…what can I say as a native, third generation Texan…Texas is a great place to live!

  4. Seeing the streets like that it looks like a 3rd world country … I am glad I had the chance to visit california 15 years ago when it was still like a dream place for an european like me . The american dream

  5. I disagree, you can’t fix it if you leave and I love California. In time we can fix all of these issues but if we all leave then we’re just accepting it to its fate and that doesn’t sit with me

  6. I definitely agree and I wish I was able to move as well. Nothing for me here, I get gang stalked, I have no family and it's ridiculously expensive to live here in CA not to mention it's riddled with drugs and litter, and violent. Take me with u Ben Shapiro lol I can cook and clean for your wife so she can relax and indulge in pampering herself. I keep to myself and dont take up a lot of space.

  7. "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." Its been YEARS since Ben's hero PUBLICALY ADMITTED he abused women and Ben has had ZERO response to this… meaning Ben Shapiro is Ok if his hero abuses women, so long as he pursues his political goals…

  8. Left that Sthole 11 years ago So Cal was way better than No Cal City of Eureka the main attractions are watching bum fights, watching raids, finding dead people, house fires were a favorite.
    Homeless everywhere and Frisco was dumping their folks up there and then Pelican Bay would dump their released prisoners there.

  9. I dont live in the states, but im here to talk about 2 of this problems that are "quality of life" and "violence/crimes" based on what i have seen and heard in TV documentaries and even stories from our people that came back from the states

    Im from Central America and mostly all of our immigrants go to CA, sadly most of them ends up as homeless people, living in tents and its because most of them are illegal

    As well most of our young people that immigrates ends up being in a local CA gang because they go to the states mostly without any relatives and believe that being part of a gang will have way better benefits that working on their own.

    Sadly i have to say that those 2 facts have grown mostly because of latin immigrants, of course this does not apply to everyone, but we gotta be real.

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