Join us as we explore the 20 best places to visit in California! California has it all: beautiful national parks, scenic coastal drives, dynamic cultural metropolises, charming small towns, romantic vineyards, quiet countryside ranches, white sandy beaches, colorful deserts, massive mountain ranges, towering Redwood trees and more!

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American Classic Tours offers upscale, all-inclusive tours to the most beautiful places in North America. Founded in 1988 by Joe Conroy, American Classic Tours is a family-owned business. Today, Joe is joined by his son JD Conroy (Tour TV host in the video above). Over the past 32 years, we have led thousands of travelers to the most beautiful places in North America.

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California National Parks: Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia

Pacific Northwest: Seattle to San Francisco

Rose Parade & Los Angeles

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Best Places to Visit in California – Time Stamps
20. Palm Springs – 3:08
19. Joshua Tree National Park – 4:00
18. Sacramento – 5:00
17. San Luis Obispo – 6:00
16. Hearst Castle – 7:10
15. Santa Monica – 9:10
14. Death Valley National Park – 9:55
13. Catalina Island – 10: 55
12. Napa Valley – 12:00
11. Pasadena Tournament of Roses – 12:58
10. San Diego – 14:18
9. Lake Tahoe – 15:35
8. Santa Barbara – 16:37
7. Redwoods National & State Parks – 17:34
6. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park – 19:10
5. Monterey & Carmel-by-the-Sea – 20:55
4. Los Angeles – 21:55
3. San Francisco – 23:55
2. Pacific Coast Highway 1 – 27:01
1. Yosemite National Park – 27:45

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  1. I lived in San Diego for 1 year. I'm in Korea now. I love California. I wanna make a vedio about California culture and nature beauty to introduce to Korean. I was attracted your video title and enjoyed it. I recommend some places to visit hidden gem in California you didn't mention it. Anzo Borrego state park, Crowley Lake Stone Columns, Pinnacles national park, Lassen Volcano national park, Hot Creek Geological Site, Mammoth lake, Mono lake, Burney Falls, Trona Pinnacles, Carrizo Plain National Monument…etc. best lakes, best national park, best beaches, best state parks.. Oh, so many places to go!! There are places I've been to and places I haven't been to. Hope to travel again soon.

  2. Everything from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, Griffith Observatory but then also I'd like to see the Watts towers and Salvation Mountain and also places like Compton, Inglewood and Long Beach.. Just everything I've seen in movies and games throughout my childhood 😅

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  4. I have lived in Southern California for 40 years and I love it. I can't name one favorite place as I have several. My favorites are Monterey/Big Sur area, Yosemite area, King's Canyon, Sequoia and San Diego. I've only gone as far north at San Francisco so I have a lot of exploring to do.

  5. Great video. Guess I’m a travel junkie and have been to everyone of those locations except rose parade. I’ve been to Pasadena tho. You listed some of my favorites too, except Hwy 395 hands down is my favorite area and Pismo Beach. Great video keep it up

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