10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a lousy place. If you live there, this is no surprise. Here are ONLY 10 of the reasons why you should never move to Los Angeles.

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  1. I like to visit LA, wouldn't want to live there. The last time I was there was Oct. 2019 and I couldn't believe how much LA had deteriorated in the 1-2 years previous. Seriously. Very Sad.

  2. Yeah agree with u on all the negatives but that's the price u gotta pay if u want the weather, beach, ocean, moutains, forest, snow, desert, universal studios, Disneyland, Hollywood, LA club rock 🎸 scene and gaming industry 😉

  3. I been here 7 years and haven't had an issues. The people are self centered but if you look — you'll find some down to earth folks. It is expensive but is the same as NY. The graffiti is not a big deal. It looks cool. The beaches are not sooo crowded unless you go to Santa Monica.

    There is a way of how people ignore eachother but oh well. Who cares for approval lol

    The homeless is bad in downtown but is not everywhere.

    The roads are not as bad as describe in this video.

  4. Californians spend 30% of their life alone driving, drinking 5usd diabete coffee in their Tesla.
    The other 70% is about surfing between the crappy tents in Venice, smocking weed alone, mexican coke & tacos, LA Dodgers tattoos, starbucks coffee and other hipster things like shopping at Goodwill.
    Some people I met has told me that they are working such as gardener or street vendors but I dont understand spanish so I cant confirm its true.
    The others one are suffering in their 25M$ Beverly Hills mansions waiting for their next rehab.

  5. personal experience, when I went there yeah…. not pleasant. for a guy that doesn't like beaches and rude people, that's a turned off. now… it wasn't all bad, like it's harder to find angles in Los Angeles, but it's not impossible. but I have to say…. their were a lot of bad vibes there. last time I want was in 2015. but too sad the mayor doesn't give a F…..

  6. Half million dollars+ to buy a 3 bedroom stucco box that’s sandwiched between the neighbors and a thousand cars parked on your street. Trash, tents, graffiti, traffic, poop. It takes 40 minutes to drop something off at the post office that (in theory) should be 5 minutes away. I worked as a fiber installer in the LA area for 11 years. It is truly a dump.

  7. So what saying is that there are no homeless people in other states. From what know where it shows people leave the city's there Economy is bad so what's big deal earthquake get insurance

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