10 Places in CALIFORNIA You Should NEVER Move To

Which places in California would you never want to live in?

California is a super cool place to live in many areas. There’s awesome beaches, wide open spaces, mountains, lakes and some of the most stimulating culture around. In fact a lot of places in California seem like the best place in the country.

Then, you’ve got the bad side of California. You know it when you see it. These are the places in California where people are broke, there’s a lot of crime, and frankly, there’s either nothing to do, or it’s rough.

The goal in this report is to talk about those worst cities and towns in California. Now, California is a very liberal place, so you’re gonna find lots of bad places to live just because of that one reason alone. But we’re leaving politics out of this one. For the most part.

So, let’s hop in our car just so we can sit in traffic for hours, as we explore California’s worst places to live.

We begin our journey through the worst places you can live in California in the city of Anaheim.

Now, it’s time to leave the peaceful enclaves of Orange County and hop on the 5 and head on up to our next worst place to live in California, Stockton.

It’s time to head back down the 5, and then take the 10 east as we arrive in the Inland Empire, and our favorite IE city, San Bernardino.

Wanna get away from San Bernardino? Than just head south (specifically take the 10 to the 215 to the 60) and eventually, you’ll find the center of all that is sad and depressing in Riverside County, the city of Hemet.

We’re going to head back to San Bernardino County again, and we’re gonna stop off at our next worst place to live in California, Barstow. To get there, pretend you’re going to Vegas, and then pull over like everyone else does who wants McDonalds or Del Taco.

But guess what Barstow? At least you’re better than your bigger brother, Victorville. In fact, Victorville has nearly 6 times as many people as Barstow does.

Sick of desert towns yet? Cause we’re not even close to being done. Our next stop is another San Bernardino County desert community. So let’s hop on the 10 as we go past Palm Springs and pull into Desert Hot Springs!

Moving on, we come to our third worst place to live in California, East LA. which is…east of LA. It’s also just east of South Central LA.

If you thought Desert Hot Springs was hot and isolated, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. To get to our second worst place to live in California, take the 395 up from Hesperia until you get to Ridgecrest. Don’t stop there, or waste your time at China Lake. Head east until you get to Trona.

Okay everyone. Time for our worst place to live in California. We’ll take the 5 to the 8 and go all the way out to practically Arizona and stop in El Centro.

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  1. California aint the best place its trash as f. The syaG have planted themselves in san francisco and are spreading everywhere like wildfire. Speaking of wildfire theres constant wildfires every year which is strange how they show up outta nowhere and has been normalized. Theres more but im tired of writing.

  2. Surprise Calexico wasn't here.

    All the politicians eventually end up in jail.
    Most of the banks were shut down by law enforcement for money laundering for the cartels in Mexico.
    Some Philipinos made a deal with the city and ran off with $10,000,000.
    The tips are awful.

    etc., etc., etc…

  3. Anaheim has literally been one of the best cities I've been to and I'm not even including the Disneyland part cause as a California resident myself, you clearly don't know that you're talking about

  4. I don't know why you think Los Altos is the No 1 city in CA. Not that good and super expensive. But one of the worst is way up there where the forgotten part of CA, Alturas. Freezing in the winter, hot in Summer, and absolutely nothing up there. I almost bought land up there for a $1 couple years ago. I didn't buy it only because it don't even worth it.

  5. Californias rustbelt! Eureka, Santa Rosa, Chico, Stockton, Merced, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield, Oxnard, San Fernando, and every thing he mentioned south ! Inequality, no local industry investments, just outsourced , and free-market forces let loose on the housing market thus causing the 2008 crash, yes it's been all downhill! 150,000 homeless call these arm pits home! Now ask what if 2 trillion wasn't wasted in Afghanistan instead pumped in these cities! and the rest of the country.

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