10 Cheapest Places to live in California.

10 Cheapest Places to live in California.

Funding a place to live and maybe buy a house can be hard. If you are thinking about California and don’t need to be in one of the major cities, this list is for you.
Nobody wants a giant mortgage but in most of California, that is what you are going to get.

If you enjoy these videos I would love to hear about it. Most of these videos are made to help people who are thinking about relocating, looking for real estate, or just wanting to learn about the United States. We look at the best and worst cities, states, towns, and neighborhoods in the United States. But, most of the time focus on the negative side of locations. If you only want some happy positive information about a city, town, or state, I would suggest looking up local mortgage and real estate companies or maybe the locations website. They are trying to sell you something so it will be nothing but sunshine, rainbows and a bunch of smoke up your skirt. They won’t tell you about crime, poverty, bail bondsmen, or insurance you’ll need because of natural disasters. I will. And I will try and make it entertaining.

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  1. There needs to be a qualifier on a few of these towns – They're nice places to live if you are white. The more rural in California, the more racist it gets.

  2. Chico

    Beautiful College Town. Lots of free activities. House cost begins around 250k up to 1M+

    Large educated baby boomer population. Over educated – under employed. Good balance between cost and quality of life

  3. Thanks for the info ,made me laughed about kidney😀 reading comments serves also informative,one of niece lives there too nd i dont know what cost of living there but im happy that they have their own house nd i believe its affordable bcoz they can make it to bought a house for them instead of staying to rent with 2 kids .

  4. Blythe has a county jail, too… Chowchilla a prison… Susanville… another prison. Cheapest to live because NOBODY wants to live there.

  5. How in the hell can SF outrank Manhattan with all the dopers living in tents and shitting on the streets? Not to mention those same dopers stealing from you, local stores, etc…?

  6. Needles, CA. is dirt cheap, hot as hell in the summer but you have the ice cold Colorado River to play in. Bullhead City, AZ. is better because it’s growing, has gambling casinos for fun, and the most beautiful Springs.

  7. You need to stop smoking whatever you are smoking. Rosemont is not an hour from LA, more like 5 hours, near Sacramento. Look at the map you showed. All those cities are near Sacramento. And most homes there sell for about 400k. Which makes me wonder how accurate everything else in your video is.

  8. As a CA resident, I didn't think there was such a thing as cheap places to live in CA ,I forgot about Susanville, haven't been there in over 35 years,I'm surprised Needles wasn't mentioned or Bakersfield.

  9. Arizona?! So not worth it. Emphasis, It’s too damn HOT 🥵!!!!!!! More than 6-mo/year.. Now just as high a cost of living as CA, with high state-local and sales tax rates and greedy (R) politicians pocketing your hard earned taxed dollars with no return on investment for education, healthcare facilities, water reserves or future planning to keep up with infrastructure demands due to population/housing growth demands now land locking cities, because low IQ’s don’t know any better that they are being ripped off their pocketbooks by Arizona’s corrupt (R) politicians..

  10. I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and now I live in the central valley. I can honestly say Atwater, Merced, Riverbank and Tracey is dry and county as hell. I'd rather drive an hour in a half to the Bay Area then Reno.

  11. After living in hi cost Redondo Beach. And it was wonderful, we retired to Big Bear Lake a resort community. Don't let it scare you. Like living in the Alps at elevation. You can and we do love living here. It has four season. We live like king and queen on social security. But hurry up for great home prices are getting higher as covid shut down forced prices up 21% in 2021 alone.
    A terrific life style as long as you can buy a house NOW. Crack addicts not needed here.

  12. I spent a month one week and Blythe California, I was working for an aircraft manufacturer, we had one go down unfortunately landed in the Blythe airport / runway (there is a hanger), management decided to fix aircraft where is versus trucking it back to the facility. I unfortunately was on the team to makes the aircraft airworthy. Like I said I spent a month in California one week in 1987. Haven't been back since

  13. Bud, you're talking about Rosamond, but showed pictures from Rosemont up in Sacramento. Also, the town and later airfield was "Muroc," named after the Corum family settled there. (There was already a Corum CA at the time, so they flipped it backwards and called it a day, in case you're curious.)

  14. I'd rather be here in Modesto honestly. I have a 3 bedroom 2 car garage with a swimming pool and only paying $1850. It's a short drive to the Bay Area and Santa Cruz and it ain't a shit small town. I'm mostly chillin getting stoned or eating and sleeping not working like a dog paying out of pocket rent or living in the boonies. A place like mine would be around $3,000 in the Bay Area.

  15. Uh… Rosemont CA (the tite says rosemont) is outside Sacramento, NOT Los Angeles as stated. The displayed map shows the Sacramento area. However Rosemond CA matches your geographic description of north of Lancaster CA.

  16. Your looking at the house prices instead of the jobs hour pay. I have search for low cost houses in California. I moved to one house for $254,456 bad Idea. Houses may be low cost but the jobs give less money. Where I worked they payed me $5 an hour. I got another job and they payed me $7 an hour. You see the lower the house cost in towns the less you get pay in those towns. If you live in a city and work at a store or get a house. House cost let's say $500,000 well now since it's a city with big economy then you'll get paid $22 or $17 an hour. Either way it still ends up being the same. Cities you get payed more which that's why houses are expensive. Towns you get payed less which Houses are less expensive. Ends up being the same. So I just recommend being in the city again. Won't say where I work or where I live private to be safe.

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